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If you are active duty, please complete the following information, and submit your name to receive care packages and special announcements about our military outreach efforts to support members of the military and your families. 


Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice, and service to our great country.  You make us all very proud to be Americans!  God bless.



                      Care Package Registration Form

**For Military Members Only**

Special Privacy Note


Operation Hope and the Beacon of Hope Outreach Center (BHOC) takes special care to preserve the privacy and security of all our men and women serving in the armed forces.


As part of our commitment to the Department of Defense and all serving to defend our freedom, BHOC does not give out addresses or emails to those wishing to support or correspond with our military.


Operation Hope will only give out the name of the service member to civilians or others wishing to correspond or support, then acts as the “middleman” to receive and forward on the correspondence to the designated service member.


Additionally, we do not give out civilians’ addresses either, so return correspondence will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate civilian.


While the information you include on this form is very important in helping us communicate with you, we ask that you not include the same information on any written correspondence you send to civilians via regular mail.


If you would like to respond to correspondence you receive, you can simply send an email to with the name of the recipient in the subject line, and we will send your email to the recipient from Operation Hope, preventing the recipient from having your email address.


This important policy prevents all from receiving correspondence that may violate the Department of Defense’s code of conduct or standards, as well as prevents unwanted or inappropriate correspondence.







AE/AP/AA or State




Branch of Service


When will your tour of duty end at this location?


What are your current needs, special requests, or comments?






Thank you, so very much for completing this form.  Simply hit the “Submit” button to register, and your name will be added to our list of care package recipients.  It usually takes about 4-6 weeks for you to start receiving care packages.  Thank you and God bless.