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Please DO NOT request TVs, PlayStations, Nintendos, XBox Units, Gameboy,  or other Video Game Consoles.  These items are too expensive to request and we won’t receive them.

Beacon of Hope Outreach Center and Toys R Us join together in a giving tree each year.  If you have minor children (18 and younger) living in your home, please complete the following information for each child, and their names will be placed on the giving tree to receive a new toy.  Please understand these items are generously donated by customers of Toys R Us, and not all requests are available.





Alternative Request

Check other needs you currently have (Not all items will be available the day of the outreach):

Registration is Required to Participate!Registration Deadline:
November 30, 2005




What Happens When You Register


Once you register with Operation Harvest, your children’s names will be added to the giving tree at Toys R Us. 

Only legal parent or guardian may register children, and children may only be registered once to ensure fairness for all.


Toys will generally be available the day of the outreach on December 17Not all wishes may be available.  However, each child will receive a gift before Christmas.  Please be considerate of the fact that all toys are donated by the generosity and good will of others, so please do not request items that generally cost more than $40.00.


Once registered, you will receive a confirmation letter, along with a colored wristband

and important instructions to follow in order to participate.


Unlike previous years, registrants will be given specific times to participate based on the color of the wristband.  The earlier you register the earlier the time you will be able to participate.  Although doors will open at 12:00 noon, only participants with the designated colored band will be allowed in at that time.  This will help streamline the process and make it more fair for those who registered early.


This outreach is available ONLY to those who live in or around the Denver Metro Area, and is not currently available to those living outside Colorado.



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