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What is Operation Hope?


Shortly after President George W. Bush declared war on terrorism in 2003, the Beacon of Hope Outreach Center responded to the call with Operation Hope, our military support program originally created to connect civilians with members of the military who are currently serving around the world to protect America.


We have since adopted over 10,000 men and women in the U.S. armed forces serving overseas, and have delivered over 5,000 care packages around the world. 


In early 2004, Operation Hope joined forces with America’s Heroes of Freedom in Washington, DC to provide much needed items to our wounded military recuperating at Walter Reed Army Hospital and Bethesda Naval Medical Center.


And that’s not all!  Operation Hope also provides assistance to military families through financial aid, physical resources, and other much needed assistance.


In 2005, BHOC and Operation Hope facilitated a special event called “Remembering the Brave,” for  Colorado Marines who lost their lives in the war on terrorism.  The event drew over 500 in attendance and included Marine families, fellow Marines, Colorado Governor Bill Owens, Lt. Governor Jane Norton, and Congressman Tom Tancredo, and special guest Christian Recording Artist Allen Asbury.


Also in 2005, BHOC and Operation Hope became a proud member of the Pentagon’s America Supports You program, and has since partnered with the Pentagon on a number of occasions to support our armed forces.




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We appreciate you and thank you for your dedication to America’s Freedom!  God bless you!

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Join us for the

Operation hope/America supports you freedom walk

We are honoring our veterans and supporting our troops during the day-long event, and we would be honored to have all members of the military who are stateside, join us for this tribute to your service.


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