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Programs and Services

The LifeLine Life Enrichment Program is a pilot program through the Beacon of Hope Outreach Center (BHOC), designed to throw out a “lifeline” to families in need by providing life management training and coaching to those drowning in financial hardship.


The purpose of the program is to decrease homelessness, improve academic achievement among at-risk youth, and improve the overall sustainability of families.


As part of the pilot program, BHOC will collaborate with organizations to identify low-income families struggling financially due to lack of financial resources, unemployment, or education.  The families will be asked to volunteer for the program, which will include addressing a number of needs, educating them in financial literacy, and providing them the tools necessary to help them manage life sufficiently. 


In addition, the program addresses simple, basic needs including daily living, work life, self care, social responsibilities, home life, money management, and more by partnering with experts in the field.


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The Bridge of Hope is the tragedy assistance program of the Beacon of Hope Outreach Center (BHOC).


The program began in 2005 in response to the large volume of calls received by the Center, requesting financial and burial assistance or aid following natural disasters.


Whether a family in need has lost everything they own to natural tragedy or terrorist attack or have lost a loved one to natural causes or personal tragedy, Bridge of Hope is there to help.


From burial assistance to emergency response, the Bridge of Hope program has you covered. 


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Operation Harvest is our Christmas outreach, which usually takes place the Saturday before Christmas and provides food, clothing, household items, toys, and activities to disadvantaged families and at-risk youth in time for the holidays.


Operation Harvest started in 1996, serving 30 families, and has grown to serving over 2,400 people in 2004.  Each year continues to grow and expand as the needs continue to grow.


Operation Hope is our military outreach, providing care packages to members of the military serving overseas and recuperating in military hospitals.


In addition, Operation Hope provides assistance to military families and has a number of programs to aid men and women serving in America’s armed forces.


If you would like additional information, please click the link below to visit our Operation Harvest webpage.


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